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Digital Marketing Services

Are you planning to set up a business? Are the traditional means of advertising not helpful for your business? Then probably it is the time to get into digital marketing.

We, Backno are offering Digital marketing services from past 2 years and with its experience and technologies, your business advertisement will reach to perfect customers.

Let’s delve in deeper and understand the concept of Digital marketing verbosely;


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very technical and modern method of advertising. These methods include search engines, social media, websites, and all other digital means. Though it may look very simple, it’s a very broad concept and to excel in this one must have a deep knowledge of its various terms which are;

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation basically makes a webpage more accessible over the search engines compared to other WebPages which are on a similar topic.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media has extended its limits a lot in recent times. Advertising on social media is probably the most efficient way of marketing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are the best platforms to promote your brand nowadays.
  • E-mail Marketing – One of the traditional and effective approaches to advertisement is very much relevant. This is also the oldest concept in Digital Marketing.



Probably the first Digital method of the advertisement was radio and now it is an era of digital equipment loaded with tons of technologies. The day is not far when a person sitting in the car won’t be looking at those billboards advertising a brand. Digital marketing is going to be the future of advertisement.

  • Efficient – Digital marketing is the most efficient and a budget-friendly means to reach out to the targeted audience. It is the most appropriate method of mass-awareness. Conveying a message to the people out there can’t be any easier than this method.

There were times when delivering an information to someone was only possible through handwritten letters which were also limited in terms of reach. As the time passed by we saw many technologies that just revolutionized the communication. The same thing goes with the advertisement, earlier we didn’t have much-advanced system for advertisement but now there are various effective measures which can be really helpful in the growth of a business.


Fact – Blogs are 68% more efficient than the newspapers.


With the availability of information about a brand or its product over the internet it has become really easy for the customers to know the details well and hence digital marketing is really helpful in building the trust of customers and business growth is only possible if it has earned the trust of its customers.


  • Cost-Effective – Various reports have suggested that business owners claim that advertisement via digital means is very much cost-effective in compared to other means. When you are using the digital means you have full control over your budget and digital marketing gets better cost per lead (CPL) when compared to other marketing methods.


Traditional channels are very costly and if you are the one who is planning a start-up then you can’t afford a traditional means of advertising. If we take an example of advertising on a TV Channel, you will have to pay around 3-4L if you want your ad to be shown during prime time. No doubt this much amount can shake the budget if you have just started your business.


  • Convenient – Advertisement can’t be any easier than doing it via digital marketing. You have not to roam here and there to promote your business/brand.


Just a basic knowledge of digital marketing terms and you are ready to go. Nowadays before buying any product it is the tendency of every person to first check it on the internet and if they don’t find it there people reject buying the product hence you have to advertise your product online.


  • Increased Revenue – With the help of digital marketing, a business can expect revenue growth by 3 times. Google has recently reported that business which advertises through digital means has approx 3 times better revenue growth. These reports suggest that growth via digital marketing means is very much possible.


Fact – Companies posting ads via blogs more than 15 times a month are able to attract 5 times the people’s attention.


It’s an era of digital devices equipped with tons of technologies and in this era, the survival of any business is only possible if it is marketed online. Digital marketing is going to be the future of the marketing industry and hence involvement in this is a must.


It is a very simple concept; if you are able to make your business reach a lot of people then surely you will be getting huge revenue. A Number of genuine customers are directly proportional to the revenue you will get.


Since the digital world is proliferating from time to time a changed and better approach to advertisement is very much required which will help in promoting the brand.



The Brand endorsement can be best done through digital means. Digital marketing helps in promoting a brand and can be really helpful if you are planning for a start-up since the promotion and advertisement is the key to the growth of a business.

Advertisement through internet marketing can be best done through an engaging content and promotional ad (audio/video/text).

To enhance your advertisement you have got to do it for a targeted audience so that you get genuine customers only.

The Growth of a business is imminent if it is properly marketed through various digital means. Digital marketing has no limits on area expansion as it has got a wide coverage, throughout the world. Brand promotion is not limited to an area but it can be done worldwide with the help of digital marketing.


Why Backno?

Digitalisation is growing in India day by day, more people are showing their interest in the digital world and due to which advertisement in India is needed to be done through digital means.

Backno has a prior experience in digital marketing and almost works on all the factors to ensure an efficient advertisement is done.

There are tons of digital marketing company in India who are providing their specific services. We at Backno do not just provide you with the advertisement services but we take care of all the factors involved in digital marketing whether it is website designing or developing contents which are SEO friendly.

At Backno our main focus is on promoting the brand via best digital means. Choosing backno becomes more necessary because it is the only company in Jaipur which is reliable and their expert panel will take care of the advertisement process at their best. The sole aim of backno is to ensure the growth of your business and promotion of your brand at its best.


Final Words

One of the top business personalities once said that the integration of internet and digital services with the retail marketing is going to be the future of retail. His words were perfectly matching to the current scenario.

We at Backno are pledged to providing you with the best digital marketing services in Jaipur. Choose us and let your business touch the sky heights.




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