Instagram is a visual sharing social networking app made for sharing photos and Videos from only on a smartphone. Instagram is similar to twitter or facebook.


Who Mostly Use Instagram:-

Instagram is free for all users but it’s mostly used by young (14-25) age category because of Instagram is photos & videos sharing app and mostly youth are photoholic.


Benefits Of Instagram:-

We had said earlier that Instagram is mostly used by young people. If your business or services are for young people aged 14 to 25 and your business target audience is Young People, then Instagram Marketing can help you to achieve your business goals if you have a good understanding of running Instagram ads.


With Backno You Will Achieve:-

  • Customers who are similar to your business
  • Business-related posts that will go viral
  • Business promotional videos to interact with customers
  • Reachable #Hashtag who related to your business
  • Personal Branding with Instagram Daily Post
  • Perfect timing to share content on business account
  • Analytics to understanding customers need and interest.


If you want to grow your business and find perfect customers for increasing business we will help you to achieve your goal with Instagram Marketing. Feel free to Contact us